Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Back Pain

I have been going to Kate Ruma and Associates regularly for several years for chronic back pain. I receive treatment from Kate and, on some occasions, from Caitlin. Having been to at least five different acupuncture practices before being referred to Kate Ruma and Associates, I can say that the quality of the treatment that Kate Ruma and Associates provides is by far the best that I have received anywhere. She practices traditional Eastern Medicine, and is uniquely able to explain the treatments in a way that clients unfamiliar with Eastern Medicine can understand. The pricing structure is, moreover, very reasonable relative to other acupuncturists that I have seen. For those of you out there that are hesitant to try it: this message is for you. Kate Ruma and Associates made a believer out of me! I feel healthier overall, and have every intent of continuing to pursue treatment as an essential component of my healthcare routine (forever, if they'll have me :))!


Chronic Muscle Spasms, Allergies, Asthma

I started going to see Kate Ruma for acupuncture treatments about eight years ago.  My initial reason for seeking treatment was for chronic muscle spasms, which led to treatment for allergies, asthma, and frankly, whatever else ailed me that day.  She is kind of like my own private wizard and I always look forward to my monthly visit.  Highly recommend.


Calf Pain, Stress, Allergies, Low Energy

I started going to acupuncture originally to try to find some relief for persistent calf muscle pain. Not only did Caitlin solve that problem, but we have also worked on my stress,  allergies, and energy levels with a lot of success. I was skeptical at first, but am now hooked, and would recommend her to anyone who asks!


Joint & Back Pain, Low Energy, Digestive Issues

I have been seeing Kate over six years now. When I started, I was new to acupuncture, but wanted to give it a try, as I was starting on a journey of looking into alternative treatment options. Back then I had a lot of joint and back pain, and was wanting to not just rely on mainstream remedies, including pain medications. I am so glad I had the insight to try Kate, as her treatments have made an incredible difference in the quality of life for me, as well as helping me understand and address the root causes of my pain. Not only did I have pain,  my energy was lacking which I felt but didn't understand that it all is connected. My digestion was slower than it could be too, another important thing to know when addressing the body as a whole. I was intrigued how Kate could examine my tongue and know what was going on. At the time, my tongue was swollen and had a white film on it, which was an indicator of inflammation, low energy, and digestion issues.  When I started to address that, and kept my treatments going, the pain improved greatly as well as my energy levels. I paid attention to what I was eating, at the recommendation of Kate, and  I went from being exhausted by afternoon to having an abundance of energy, and able to keep up with my busy schedule. I was also able to include more exercise, including Yoga, Pilates and walking. My treatments with Kate, along with gaining a better understanding of how the body reacts and how having these symptoms shows us what's wrong, and that we CAN reverse them, was a life-changer for me. I am now under full control of my health. My pain is gone, my energy is back, and I understand that when I do slip a little, what I need to do to get back on track. It doesn't get any better than that, a feeling of empowerment over my own health, thanks Kate!


Vertigo, Pregnancy-Related Issues

My husband and I both sought the services of Caitlin Isbister, one of Kate Ruma's Associates.  He received treatment for vertigo and I for my prenatal conditions.  We were both very satisfied with our experiences.  Caitlin is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and skilled.    

Acupuncture is one of the few treatment methods I felt comfortable using during pregnancy.  I was initially hesitant about the needles, but Caitlin's method made it entirely painless and I found the sessions quite relaxing.  I appreciated that she had the flexibility to treat me at the office or at home.  She even taught me how to use moxibustion on myself so I could keep up with treatment between sessions.        

After treatment from Caitlin, both of our symptoms cleared up.  We wouldn't hesitate to seek treatment from her again.

- A.S.

Allergies, Anxiety, Stomach Issues

I have been struggling with allergies for a long time without finding a helpful solution and a friend suggested I try acupuncture - which I had originally scoffed at. Turns out - it's the best thing to happen to me. Not only did I go in and find relief from my allergies, but Caitlin and I had a couple of long meetings where she helped explain that acupuncture could help with many of my ailments (especially stomach problems and anxiety). I have been seeing Caitlin for a little over a year now and am feeling the best I ever have. I find I really look forward to acupuncture at Kate Ruma not only because it's one of the most relaxing times of my day and I come out feeling so much better on the other end but it is always a pleasure to see Caitlin!! It is especially nice doing this for my first time with someone who is patient (especially with all of my many issues) and who will answer my many questions and help me understand just what acupuncture is - and she is also extremely easy going and great to talk to. I absolutely recommend trying out acupuncture - especially if you just need that extra boost to make yourself feel 100%.

-L. G.